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Mahantesh Biradar (29 yrs. old)
Licence No.: BOTY11-8173
Name : Mahantesh Biradar
Location : Urban Warrior
Date of Birth : 01/19/1988

bajaj discover 135cc
Current, ridden 7789 kms
About Me
As a biker first preference i give for is SAFETY,life is precious......if u go up.....u cant bike again in your to enjoy the thrill of biking.....always wear all safety tings on your body......i like to ride in a zig zag ghat section......and in a top speed on super express high way!!!!
Do I think I have contributed to the motorcycling community, however a
small way it may be?
I promoted many bike shows through y blogs
How can I contribute more in the future to the motorcycling community?
As a biker first i will promote about safety aspects through creating forums a community in a college through blogging conducting and participating in bike rallies promotion through mobile by street plays by creative videos etc
My Touring Experience
Total Kms. Clocked
Best Ride
My first long ride was from tumkur to shimoga which is in karnataka,that was my birthday and i badly wanted to go somewhere....out of the city....then along wid ma friend.....i left around 11.30pm.....reached there around 2.45.....its around 200km.....used to have food in dhaba...
One dream ride that I want to do
Mangalore to kanyakumari
Places I have ridden
Shimogga,bengaluru,mangalore,kochi,thrissur etc
Best touring Bike according to me
Royal enfield
Tips to budding tourers
Safety first be passionate about biking first promote biking on your bike maintainance of your bike shows your attitude obey traffic rules always regular servicing of your bike etc
My Racing Experience
About my racing career
Although i don have long distance racing experience,but used race...whenever some one tries to race with me on highways.....and used to race in ma college....from admin block to main gate...which is around 1km!!!.....
Best Racing(track/off Road) Bike
Tips To Budding Racers
Speed up but within your control. again safety is a first preference
My Stunting Experience
About my stunting career
I used to do wheeling in my campus....with my old bike victor glx,
Best Stunt Bike According To Me
Tips To Budding Racers
Safety first always be aware about the public around
My Other Experience
I removed the saree guard and mirrors and changed the rear tyre of my bajaj 135cc
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