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Tanmay Patil (27 yrs. old)

Licence No.: BOTY11-7345
Name : Tanmay Patil
Location : On the Highway
Date of Birth : 09/24/1990

2011, ridden 17000 kms
2011, ridden 20000 kms
About Me
A zealous Highway rider.....who stepped into the Biking world a year back, who was being clamored from all sides that "Bikes are only for commute" and who causticated all those noises to find himself admist of budding bikers from xBhp....with miles munched in search of peace away from city and also food, with acheiving some records while i rode, i have tend to be morre sensible rider than a senseless one... People with character accept responsibilities. They make decisions and determine their own destiny in life.I am one of them
Do I think I have contributed to the motorcycling community, however a
small way it may be?
Yes, I have contributed a bit... 1:Staying in a locality where wearing the riding gears is an alienating kind of experience I make a point at wearing them every time i ride... 2:Also i am happy that because of me "5" of my friends wear riding gears despite getting the stares and also "2" of my uncles started wearing helmets.... 3:Made few children happy at an orphanage(Good Samaritan Mission,Mumbai) by spending time,giving free rides,donating cash and stuff and also seeing a movie with them. 4:Also promoted safety riding and the idea of motorcycling as a lifestyle rather than just a commute during the technical festival held in college....
How can I contribute more in the future to the motorcycling community?
Will be telling people about What And Why's regarding the safety precautions while riding....also will follow a greener path by keeping my bike uptodate and thus reducing the emissions....
My Touring Experience
Total Kms. Clocked
Best Ride
The SS1K, happened on 17th-18th feb 2010 on NH4 (Mumbai-Banglore) along with one of my best pal aka Ninad. With the Suzuki(GS150R) to give me the company and treating her in the best way I could,I wouldnt have expected more. The ride got the best out of me, improved my riding techniques drastically and made me confident of achieving some more deeds.It was one helluva experience with nose overflowing, the cold taking a toll on me,hands stiffed still I had the smile on my face when the ride concluded.
One dream ride that I want to do
A all India Circuit...Mumbai-Delhi-Srinagar-Leh-Spiti-Delhi-Patna-Pankhabari-Dibrugarh-Imphal-Kolkata-Chennai-Bengaluru-Mumbai
Places I have ridden
Hrisuur,Alibaug and periphery beaches,Raigad,Bhandardara,Lavasa,Pune,Bhandardara,Nashik,Saputara,Malshej Ghat,Velneshwar.
Best touring Bike according to me
Suzuki Vstorm 650SA
Tips to budding tourers
Dont look at the miles to be covered, instead ride within the limits and enjoy the ride, take necessary breaks and dont stress yourself too much.
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