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Firdaus Shaikh (31 yrs. old)
Licence No.: BOTY11-8158
Name : Firdaus Shaikh
Location : Bending It
Date of Birth : 06/05/1986

Current, ridden 70000 kms
About Me
I have been riding a bike (mini motocross bikes) since the age of 4 and have been completely hooked. Being a Girl, my bike is my 2nd best friend after my boyfriend. Being astride my bike gives me a sense of freedom, that I don't experience any other times besides when i am racing on the race track! My passion for automobiles is so deeply rooted that i have translated this passion into my profession of being a formed auto journalist and currently as a PR for Mercedes-Benz. I am insanely in love with the bikes and have had the fortune to ride almost all the bikes and superbikes in the country. I don't look at biking as a temporary passion but something that will go with me in my grave and hopefull I shall be able to pass it on to my future generations i.e if the world survives till then.
And here is what I have to say to you...
Do I think I have contributed to the motorcycling community, however a
small way it may be?
Yes I have contributed to the biking community by being a co-founder of the Bikerni Assocation of India. India first all female motorcycle biker group. We started this group to spread our passion for bikes amongst women and also to support those who want to purse their love for bikes. We've got a tremendous response for the same. I hope that this small initiative by my friend and I goes a long way in making women aware of their passions and helping them believe in themselves and their dreams.
How can I contribute more in the future to the motorcycling community?
Well I can contribute by making more and more people aware of the biking scene in India. Most of them look at Bikers as nuisances on the road. I would like to change this attitude. Also with respect to women, I would want bike manufacturers to consider parameters for women while designing bikes. As the number of women riding motorcycles in the country is increasing. Also a dream of mine that I would love to achieve is to see an India biker/stunter in the International Stunt Wars. and I would contribute in every possible way to help achieve this dream.
My Racing Experience
About my racing career
Have raced in a few national Championships, and have loved the experience. The thrill on being on the race track and the adrenaline that flows through the brain while racing is simply unbeatable. cant describe it in words. My first race in Chennai was on a wet track with me having non sense of racing lines. I still clocked a good timing and left a few guys behind me. Second racing stint was the VW polo cup. That is the best racing experince so far. I am glad that I started with go-karts and have progressed to racing some of the best machines available in the country
Best Racing(track/off Road) Bike
Best racing bike = Yamaha R15, simply wonderful.
Tips To Budding Racers
When racing, just focus on the track and be one with ur bike. If u respect your bike, it will respect you. And never ever get bogged down by failure. EACH FAILURE AND VICTORY TEACHES A LESSON< BE WILLING TO LEARN IT
My Stunting Experience
About my stunting career
I've been stunting for the past 4 years and am one of the foremost female stunters in Pune and probably the country as well. Starting at a time when only guys would stunt, I was trying my best to carve a niche for myself. This effort to make a mark in the stunting world got me noticed by newspapers n magazines alike. I have stunted not only on motorcycles but also on scooters. Luckily have had very few crashes. Given a chance I'd love to go abroad and learn to stunt on Superbikes as well.
Stunt Shows/competitions I Have Done
I have participated in the first season of Stunt Mania wherein I was one of the top most contenders.
Best Stunt Bike According To Me
Well in Indian bikes it definitely has to be the Pulsar 180 classic and among the foreign bikes I would consider the Suzuki Bandit.
Tips To Budding Racers
When racing, just focus on the track and be one with ur bike. If u respect your bike, it will respect you. And never ever get bogged down by failure. EACH FAILURE AND VICTORY TEACHES A LESSON< BE WILLING TO LEARN IT
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