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Varun Somarajan (34 yrs. old)
Licence No.: BOTY11-7310
Name : Varun Somarajan
Location : Urban Warrior
Date of Birth : 11/18/1983
About Me
A biker more concerned safety and responsible of self an others...
Do I think I have contributed to the motorcycling community, however a
small way it may be?
How can I contribute more in the future to the motorcycling community?
By doing campaigns in between general people and youngsters. by making general people aware of road-safety
My Touring Experience
Total Kms. Clocked
55,000 Kms
Best Ride
Trivandrum to Kochi through coastlines of Kerala
One dream ride that I want to do
To Join Sandeep Gajjar for same Great " ? " Trip
Tips to budding tourers
In Group 1- always follow ur leader. 2- use proper hand signals and use then clear enough so tat foll wing riders/Vehicles can see it. 3- Always respect others onroad. 4- Always respect the culture of local place you r riding into. 5- Use Low/Dim lights at night.
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