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Kichu Rdz (27 yrs. old)

Licence No.: BOTY11-7632
Name : Kichu Rdz
Location : On the Highway
Date of Birth : 01/15/1990

Current, ridden 23000 kms
About Me
Biker, i am proud to call myself one. Whether it be a laid back cruiser crunching the numbers on the odometer with monstrous torque, or knee scratching bends at an adrenaline surging pace, just the thought enthralls me. Though i rode my first bike only at 17, these past 4 years have been an amazing experience filled with wonderful journeys, endless highways and trusty companions to make it all the more memorable. No matter what anyone says, this is my passion, this is my pride. I am a biker.
Do I think I have contributed to the motorcycling community, however a
small way it may be?
I have always tried my best to curtail the number of fools out there who think its daring and heroic to ride at breakneck speeds without the least bit of protection on their empty skulls. I constantly advise them to wear a helmet atleast when riding on the highways. Its not much, but every little bit counts.
How can I contribute more in the future to the motorcycling community?
I would love to own a workshop of my own someday, not the usual repairing type, but one where enthusiastic bikers can learn how their bikes work, how to handle the basic problems encountered and so on. It would give them that confidence to set off on their own without fear and more importantly help them bond with their metallic soulmates. And if i can also manage to get some sponsors to back me on the track , then it'll be a fairytale come true ! Maybe i'll even open up a racing school !
My Touring Experience
Total Kms. Clocked
Best Ride
My roadtrip to goa. Its the most unforgettable and insane thing i've ever done in my entire life. Day1- madurai to salem. Day2- salem to yercaud & back. Day3- salem to bangalore. Day4- bangalore to pune. Day5- pune to goa. Day6- in goa. Day7- goa to bangalore. Day8- back to madurai. IT WAS AWESOME !
One dream ride that I want to do
Tour europe on a ducati monster ! Man that would be the life !
Places I have ridden
Chennai, mahabalipuram, kerala, madurai, dindugal, salem, bangalore, kodaikanal, goa, tada falls, pondicherry and lots and lots of other places but mostly within the state
Best touring Bike according to me
The only bike i've owned and ridden during all my trips is my lovely little yamaha R15. So i cannot comment on other bikes. Though i would love to tour on a Vmax or a harley davidson someday, that is if i put on some serious weight !
Tips to budding tourers
Stop thinking and just go for it ! Others may call you crazy, they may question your safety. But hey, what the heck ! What's life without a little risk ? Its better to take the chance while you can than weep in regret when you are old and alone. But remember, ALWAYS ride safe, hard but safe. Good luck !
My Racing Experience
About my racing career
Oh how i wish i could fill this space !
Best Racing(track/off Road) Bike
Track - Yamaha M1 , Offroad - something from the ktm stable
Tips To Budding Racers
Would love to hear some myself
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