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Tanmoy Ganguly (29 yrs. old)

Licence No.: BOTY11-7290
Name : Tanmoy Ganguly
Location : Snowy Mountains
Date of Birth : 11/09/1988

Current, ridden 14014 kms
About Me
What???? Am I a biker???... Well...I don't know!! I wondered why the dog sticks it's head out from a Car window, unless I sat on a saddle and felt the air past my hair! I always loved getting lost, I loved to reach obscure places, I loved to see the world from an eagle's eye view...I always loved to climb to the top. The feel of that vibration under my butt and that revvy sound of a bike's engine and how it compliments my skipping heartbeats; kept me going to places I only dreamt of. The idea of conquering mountains on motorcycles amuses my guts to live free & ride hard. I'm not a racer, I'm not a stunter, I'm not a commuter. I'm not a tourer. I'M THE WANDERER_going places!!
Do I think I have contributed to the motorcycling community, however a
small way it may be?
My contribution is way too small than what Howard Roper had made when he invented the two-wheeled motorcycle; Or negligible when Che Guevera's inspirational story "motorcycle diaries" is considered. But over the last year or so I have gathered this unending thirst to learn about motorcycles and spread it across my community to enrich the two wheeled excitement. I have served (an online Biking Community, popular in the East) and helped to build it's back-end by covering it's events and also writing "Bike Reviews" for it. I haven't ever rode in groups of 100-200 bikers to promote safety & use of gears, but I have been successful in pursuing all my friends too buy good helmets, gloves & gears for themselves (well charity begins at home). But most of all, I become very happy when I see people inspired by my photos and triplogs and are eager to follow my tire-marks. It makes me very happy to tell the world that: When there is Passion, There in no Pain!!
How can I contribute more in the future to the motorcycling community?
I don't know if my stories from the trip are inspirational. I just write my heart out. But some people say that when they read my stories they feel as if they are in it. I wonder if this is true, if it is then it'll be my huge pleasure to show everyone a very beautiful mother earth, with green grasses, blue skies & snow ridge mountains; through my own eyes. I believe this passion of riding can become an epidemic if it is inflicted upon an impatient soul with a desire to explore, I want to be a carrier of the virus that spreads the religion of "Bikeism".
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