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JDan DvlBoy (34 yrs. old)
Licence No.: BOTY11-7500
Name : JDan DvlBoy
Location : Urban Warrior
Date of Birth : 10/20/1983

2011, ridden 25000 kms
About Me
Hey Friends, I am Jean Daniel from Shillong, Meghalaya. I am a responsible yet fun loving biker, loves Biking and everything else that comes in relation with Bikes, be it long/short tours, learning basic stunts, minor bike repairs, organizing biking events etc. I started biking since 2005 and since then I have never regretted entering into this lifestyle through which I guess I have made a lot of new friends (young and old), rode to new places within my state and beyond with my buddies, to be known by a new name “JDan” and overall stepped into and learnt many new things which perhaps I would not have done so if I hadn’t taken up this lifestyle. Just what the xBhp community had inspired and taught me - I believe in contributing back to society in whatever possible ways within my capacity yet not forgetting or neglecting all the fun and thrills associated with Biking.
And here is what I have to say to you...
Do I think I have contributed to the motorcycling community, however a
small way it may be?
As far as the question of contribution to motorcycling is concern, “Yes” I have contributed to the motorcycling community of my state and my country within my capability. I admit it is not something I should brag about but it is a beginning and I don’t have any regrets. As a biker and a friend, I have taken leadership in several events related to biking like the Road Safety Awareness Campaigns, Charity program from Bikers, minor biking road trips/tours cum camping, Biking community get-together events and provided support to promote local talented youths in stunting (motorcycle & cycle) especially with the coming of xGamerz, etc. All the above contributions were executed with the support of my fellow xBhp community members.
How can I contribute more in the future to the motorcycling community?
As an individual and a biker, there are lots to be done with regards to Motorcycling in Meghalaya state to be particular, Northeastern states and India as a whole. As I always believe in giving back to society, I would like to take up and organize more Biking events like: 1) Biking tours where an individual (biker from within and outside the state) could experience the beauty of nature, fun & adventure at its best, experience the diverse culture and, simultaneously, in such a manner that, the state should also benefit from this event/project with regards to development of tourism, 2) Road Safety Campaigns (India being the topmost ranked in the number of reckless road users, accidents and deaths), 3) Organize annual events to promote biking as a sports through competitions in the field of Stunts, motocross racing etc. Along with few likeminded friends we share a dream of getting Meghalaya and Northeast recognized as few of the best Biking Hill Stations and destination even though it is a vision that is going to take a lot of team work as well as individual effort, time and support. Having been a member of one of the largest Biking community in India i.e. xBhp, I feel the vision is nearer and achievable. Thanking you, and all the best to the rest of the “Biker of the Year” participants.
My Touring Experience
Total Kms. Clocked
1000 approx
Best Ride
The 4 days 3 nights touring to Garo Hills, Meghalaya last May 2009 with my fellow buddy (Dragon). The fun, thrill, first-time experience of riding without a proper route infomation, riding day and night through spooky villages and foggy narrow country roads was unforgettable and worthwhile.
One dream ride that I want to do
Covering the Himalayan Ranges
Places I have ridden
Assam, Mizoram, Meghalaya
Best touring Bike according to me
Pulsar 220
Tips to budding tourers
Get the right attitude with preparedness to meet challenges on the way, know the minor bike repairs, plan and know your route map and read the xBhp bi-monthly magazine regularly.
My Stunting Experience
Stunt Shows/competitions I Have Done
Perform couple of stunts during the Mizoram show and a charity show in Shillong for the underprivileged children.
Best Stunt Bike According To Me
Pulsar 200
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