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Karan Sharma (30 yrs. old)
Licence No.: BOTY11-7495
Name : Karan Sharma
Location : On the Highway
Date of Birth : 07/03/1987

2011, ridden 53000 kms
About Me
Bikes mean a world to me. And its not only a passion, but its my tool to help the society grow and pace up the "being rational" part of it. It do not commute, I travel. That's what I believe.
Do I think I have contributed to the motorcycling community, however a
small way it may be?
Without a doubt. I set myself as an example for the others, be it wearing protective gears while riding or be it respecting the laws of the streets.
How can I contribute more in the future to the motorcycling community?
Contribution is an evolution and no matter how hard we work, it cannot be revolution overnight. I would stick to what I'm doing, and maybe more!
My Touring Experience
Total Kms. Clocked
Best Ride
The best ride is and (might) always be the Golden Quadrilateral. Zooming on the highway and experiencing the vastness of the motherland was simply enchanting. The land where the landscape changes drastically after every 100km, thats India. And thats the reason its the best ride of my life as of now.
One dream ride that I want to do
Has to be and has to be Delhi to London. And I'm doing it next year
Places I have ridden
Bhangarh, aranasi, Kolkata, Vizag, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Bikaner, Jaipur, Udaipur, Himmatnagar, Shimla, Kasauli, Ranikhet, Nanital, Rishikesh, Murthal, Mussoorie, Dhanaulti, Agra, Chandigarh,
Best touring Bike according to me
Although the ride has much contribution on a tour, its the rider and the passion that matters the most.Since we here are talking about the Indian scenario, I'll stick to Indian makes. Its 220 and Bulls. ZMa is also a good option.
Tips to budding tourers
Take it slow. I've seen people going on a tour just after a week of getting their licences. Start with a couple of one dayers and then to longer rides. Keep your bike in top notch condition. Remember, its the bike and you in case you get into trouble. Do understand the bike. As its not you who control the bike, its the bike which controls you ones you go beyond 100. Most importantly, obey the rules of the highway. If you don't it would have no mercy on you.
My Racing Experience
About my racing career
It all began back on April 3 2003 when I was in my 10th std. Hopped on to a scooter and then began what is one thing i adore in myself, passion for biking. However, it was not before July 21 2008 when I got my 220. It was then when the desire became uncontrollable and its still going strong.
Best Racing(track/off Road) Bike
Again, Indian made would be no other than R15 on the tracks. And in terms of off road, what could beat a blown up two stroker!
Tips To Budding Racers
Leathers, they save your lives. Yes the do!
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