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Praveen Mathew (34 yrs. old)

Licence No.: BOTY11-7271
Name : Praveen Mathew
Location : Snowy Mountains
Date of Birth : 10/29/1983

2011, ridden 200258 kms
2011, ridden 32850 kms
About Me
Started biking somewhere in 2003, ie. somewhat before 8 years. From then biking or travelling on a bike is the only thing which makes my so alive. As a person working in Govt Service, i had to face many pressures during my working hours. So whenever I got a day to ride to somewhere, i have done it. And when I return I always had the feeling as a newborn. Started biking on P150 in 2004 and the odo of the bike got the luck to start from ZERO twice.... Bought an ZMR last year as Karizma is considered as the best tourer in the segment. After an year it's odo clocks 32858 kms and the average kms it travelled per day for the last year is around 90kmph... I am neither a stunter nor a track rider.... A traveller+ a Biker.... and I always believe that Biking is the best way to feel that you re travelling...
Do I think I have contributed to the motorcycling community, however a
small way it may be?
I joined to a biking community very late. After being a solo rider for 6 years, I joined xbhp, the largest biking community of India in 2010. After that I got much impressed in group rides and felt the security and training it provides... As a person who have travelled alone in my own state (Kerala, The God's Own Country) very much, later I came to know that I have got a lot of infos about places and all... Nowadays whenver a biker or someone who wanted to visit a place calls or texts me, i keep my arms open to support them at any cost. I accopanied three groups from Chennai through the places where I started my biking to guide them so as they wont miss some prescious places. The most interesting fact is that I guided these three groups in the same month and in the same route without any monetary benefits than the pleasure of riding and meeting new people. And I ahve supported my xbhp friends from Cochin and Thrivandrum to some hidden fortress which they were never expected to see...
How can I contribute more in the future to the motorcycling community?
As a tourer+biker, I think I can always do something connected with Bike Touring. Exploring new places and giving enough info abouth the places I ahve visited is the 1st thing I can do. In this regard, I have a project in my mind. My plan is to explore Kerala in it's real sense. ie, atpresent I am collecting the detailed info about places worth a visit in every Panchayat's Kerala. And in the nearer fture after getting the details in district wise manner, I will be starting to hit each district with a schedule, so as i can get the details of connectivity, local supports, accomodation and all in flesh. It s in my mind for a long time. I wanna do this because there is a need to get such details for guiding or suggesting places. And for sure I am on the side of healthy riding. I think, with my ability for communicating ideas, I can work in the area of spredding the news of healthy biking
My Touring Experience
Total Kms. Clocked
200000 (around)
Best Ride
3 day ride started from Cochin and ended in Kottayam, covering Banglore, Mysore, Bandipur Tiger reserve, Nilambur. I liked it as itwas the best mixed cup. Rain, burning sun, night,day, ighway, offroad, no road everything was there. And I have done a 100kmph average for 2.5 hours for the 1st time.
One dream ride that I want to do
Leh for sure
Places I have ridden
I have covered almost all district in Kerala. Tamilnadu, Karnataka
Best touring Bike according to me
How could there be a single answer. ZMA/ZMR is good in it's price range. When the price range differs there re good optrion for sure. Ninja, Harley....etc...
Tips to budding tourers
Touring is not the same thing that you re doing in your locale. Touring needs patience. It needs a good knowledge of the self. When you tour, you re not going to prove anything. But you re going to learn a lot of things. So when you tour keep the eyes amd ears open. Keep the hears so simple and have a pleasent smile. Take everything in light terms so as you can be relaxed. The skill you need on the motorized bike is the knowledge of handling it in all terrains. in simple terms, Expect the Une
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