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Rohit Goyal (27 yrs. old)
Licence No.: BOTY11-7421
Name : Rohit Goyal
Location : Urban Warrior
Date of Birth : 07/20/1990
About Me
I like to race. But i also believe, when it come to biking, it is not only about speed. It is about getting the best out of the bike by using your skills, decision making and making the right move at the right time. I try to drive furiously, but at the same time, i make sure that i am not blocking or endangering any other driver on the road.
Do I think I have contributed to the motorcycling community, however a
small way it may be?
Yes i have. I always try to drive responsibly and follow the traffic rules, so that the others who may see me as a role model (though the chances are rare) also learn to follow the rules, respecting red lights and lanes being the prime. Accidents are closely related to motors and specially biking. But if we all would follow the rules, the chances of anyone getting injured could be reduced manifolds.
How can I contribute more in the future to the motorcycling community?
I can contribute to the community by sharing my experiences when i have got injured because of my mistakes and have seen others make a mistake and getting injured. Driving is not only about blaming others for their actions. Also, i would love to support any kind of campaign that is organized to educate and promote people about biking.
My Touring Experience
One dream ride that I want to do
Cross Country.
Places I have ridden
Mostly around the city
My Racing Experience
About my racing career
Not had a much of racing career. i am new to the grid and don't own a high end racing bike either.
Best Racing(track/off Road) Bike
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