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Rachit Verma (24 yrs. old)
Licence No.: BOTY11-8808
Name : Rachit Verma
Location : Urban Warrior
Date of Birth : 02/27/1993

Current, ridden 15000 kms
Bajaj Super 150cc Scooter
Current, ridden 11000 kms
About Me
The very first thing that I'd like to make clear over here is that I am just a new college going boy that deserves a better standing in this competing world, no matter what the trend yells. As far as the matter of being a biker is concerned, I find myself not as a die hard biker or else but I do love & adore two-wheelers passion. I stared my two-wheeling practice with my father's old vintage styled Bajaj 150cc scooter some 4 yrs ago. When I first took a ride of it, it was out of fuel & I & my machine were stroking manually with one of my friend.(the other side was that I used to scare with the uncontrollable acceleration of it) As a matter of time, I reside onto the daily practice as it was made a passion for me & today I really love a road companion like a two-wheeler. Through the highways, crowded suburbans & terrains, the journey continues as the path escorts. After so many years, finally my father bought a new bike, its a normal 100cc bike named Hero Honda CD Deluxe(specially for himself for office going.) But I too take rigorous round of it when it spares. Been through the pressure of studies, I find myself more joyous while riding the two-wheelers. Apart from it my favorite bike for long riding is 'Royal Enfield' & 'Bajaj Avenger'(as I take them from my friends to conquer the roads & heat up highways.) The mutual understanding is very necessary between the bike & the biker. The sound that engine blows "Dhuk Dhuk" is amazing & perhaps divine & you can only hear that when you fall in love with your machine's anatomy.
Do I think I have contributed to the motorcycling community, however a
small way it may be?
As far as the question of contributing to the motorcycling community, I had not done anything officially, but I do encourage the people that roams through the roads on two-wheelers. I tell them the safety measures binding to this overwhelming passion. I talk to many people seeking their various ideas & concerns & let them know about the various cautions & precautions that should be taken before launching your machine on road. Some of them are so aware that they too taught the sundry conditions of the sport. I too with my friends let group discussions related to the concerns of the motorcycling community. Our youth are strongly glued to this. The conceptions made over & we try to literate more & more people about the road signs, symbols & rules that should not be broken in any form.
How can I contribute more in the future to the motorcycling community?
As a part of the community, we can do more support in favor of the society. Illustrating the different rules & regulations can let us mark a big picture on the milestone of the roads. Asphalt is having its own color though its black. A more bunch of work that is left to do & we should retain us to the process of it. Motorcycling community needs a better place & I can understand the obstacles that will come in path of it. No matter, we deserve our roads & people deserve their safety & we are strictly bound to it. Our talent is unlimited & we just need to orient it to a brighter side. That's all that we can control from our side making the ride a super safety & joyous for us & our people too.
My Touring Experience
Total Kms. Clocked
Best Ride
Its a scene some 1.5 yrs ago. When I first took a heavy monster like 'Royal Enfield Bullet Electra' in my hands(& my bums went off when I first kicked it) As this was my first beginner tour containing about 125 kms as it is a good distance for such a beginner. I & my colleague fixed our essentials with the inventories & tools too launched our journey. The journey began at 8 am & after a distance of 75 kms, we halted at a traditional Indian 'Dhaba' We recharged ourselves for about one hr munching some toasts, like as this was our substantial prime meal. Then we started. The road was good enough to grip on it & the cornering was better too( may be it was a matter of replacing the wheels with the new on or the road is having the attributes, GOD KNOWS BETTER) At the time, we crossed 100 kms & just 25 kms were left, & we again take a camp downside. We stayed there, refueled giving our machine some air to inhale. We too had some air & it was good. At last we stared again and reached our destination & felt like that we are only present in this world who can tour like this( Ha HA HA.. .) It might be funny but it relates our friendship too much in various aspects. I really love that dreamy tour very much.
One dream ride that I want to do
Places I have ridden
Bareilly to Nainital, Kanpur to Lucknow
Best touring Bike according to me
Royal Enfield Bullet Electra
Tips to budding tourers
Stick to the rules. Grip your passion. Eyes on road. Proper halts. Safe Cornering.
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