The elite jury panel for Biker of the year 2011 finale consist of very high profile real life celebraties from the world of motorcycling
Deepa malik Deepa Malik

Age: 40 years
Profession: Sports women

A paraplegic woman on mission ability beyond disability braving her life with chest below paralysis and three spinal tumor surgeries {183 stitches between shoulder blades} for past 11 yrs. Wife of an army colonel, mother of two teenage daughters, an international sports person n medalist, first paraplegic woman biker and a car rallyist with a difference and first sportswoman to represent the country at international level in her category of disability. Takes motivational workshops and lectures. Ran a catering and restaurant business successfully for seven years 2003-2010 but had to close down for the training of CWG and Asian games 2010. She was awarded Swawlamban award for the effort.

Her achievements:
She has been felicitated with many awards in sports fraternity, here are some of them.

Motor sports:
> Mtv roadies 5.0 2007- true roadie in mind and soul
> Castrol most passionate biker hunt 2009 – star rider trophy
> Maruti raid de Himalaya 2009- true grit award- for outstanding courage
> Limca record for riding a special bike 2009
> Polaris atv challenge Jaipur 2009
> Gulf foster a child car rally- 2010
> Maruti desert storm car rally 2010

First physically challenged {paraplegic} in the country to ever participate in Himalayan rally & Polaris atv challenge & drove as one of the drivers and completed desert storm car rally 2010

Arun Thareja

Age: 50 years
City: Delhi
Profession: Doctor/Surgeon

I am Dr.Arun theraja,50 and I am an Ear, Nose, Throat and Head and Neck Cancer surgeon by profession but a die hard biker from birth. I am sure this passion & love for motorcycles runs in all my bodily fluids since i was born because it cannot be explained otherwise. Biking started in 1984 when i picked up my first 'superbike' - The Yamaha RD 350, which was soon followed by the Kawasaki 440 LTD & since then i have lost count of the number of superbikes i have gone through but each & every one of them was like a child to me, we shared a very special bond which after all these years, 27 to be precise, is still very strong. In the year 1999 i formed the superbiking group - G.O.D.S – Group Of Delhis Superbikers with just 2 members & right now the number has gone upto 50. I have been regularly riding for the past 27 years, both the superbikes as well as Indian bikes which are my machines of choice for my annual pilgrimage- Leh and Ladakh in 2004 i was the official doctor for the Raid de Himalaya rally, an experience which i cannot ever forget.

The biking scene in our country has undergone a drastic change; when i started biking in 84 i could have never imagined that one day all the superbikes of every manufacturer would be available here in India but now apart from the Japanese all the other manufacturers including the Koreans are here. This has been possible primarily because of the spending power of the Indian people has increased coupled with the change in mental attitude, that its ok to spend a couple of lakhs on a motorcycle. The good side effect of this motorcycle boom has been the influx of world class biking gear & accessories but i personally feel this area still needs some more attention particularly the safety aspect of biking in our country. People still dont buy protective riding gear except the helmet & they dont give a damn to the rules & others on the road. the situation has improved but we still have a long way to go & i feel its people like us , xbhp & all the other biking communities in the country must take this as top priority so that the stigma of hooliganism attached with bikers n biking is removed forever.

hd. Kaleem A Kareem

Age: 64 years
City: Hyderabad
Profession: Consultant solid waste management/ngo on environmental concerns.

Born in the city of pearls - Hyderabad, in 1947, Graduated and joined army and served the country for ten years as a gunner, 1965 - 1975. Worked for an American firm an authority in solid waste disposal started his own consultancy in 1980.
As an biker (solo) had been to k2top 4 times from Hyderabad, 2 times to Nathula pass, twice all over India, and in recent past in feb/mar/apr had done a trip of approx. 18,000kms Rajasthan, Assam, Sikkim, Nepal,UP, Bihar, West Bengal, Orissa and it took 70 days. All my trips have a purpose to study waste disposal system and the indiscriminate use/disposal of polybags.

Biking is a refreshing and healthy hobby if driven with love & passion to live in natures lap.

Sunny Sunny

Age: 30 years
City: Delhi
Profession: Automotive Journalist

The man behind xBhp, Sunny’s passion quotient for motorcycling is in fact the benchmark there. Very experienced and very talented, this serious looking bespectacled young man is a never tiring source of energy, creativity and inspiration for his fellow riders. He’s ridden across 5 countries on Superbikes, thousands of miles through each and his photographic chronicles of each ride stand as visual masterpieces. Also known as the Motographer, he currently takes up the mantle of being the editor of xBhp magazine.

Sandeep Goswami Sandeep Goswami

Age: 43 years
Profession: Chief Editor
City: Noida

A veteran of touring spread over two decades and well above 500,000 kms on road, Sandeep Goswami is passion for motorcycling personified. An Aeronautical engineer by education, he is naturally technically sound with machinery, an established author and travel writer who is an endless knowledge bank about motorcycling is fittingly our Chief Advisor for the magazine. Discuss anything under the sum with him – from metaphysics to the internals of a superbike, the man is there with something to add to what you know. Also known as Old fox.

Praveer Praveer

Age: 30 years
Profession: Entrepreneur
City: Delhi

Young, successful and raring to go, Praveer heads his own group of companies, carries considerable motorcycling experience both in the plains and the mountains and bears a very cool head on those responsible shoulder. He has ridden everything from a Bullet to a Hayabusa and presently owns bikes as diverse as an Enfield Thunderbird and the Suzuki Bandit 1250S. A Leh veteran, Praveer is a seasoned hand with the camera too and a perfect companion over a bonfire. Praveer is also the motive force behind the xBhp magazine. An experienced hand with the print media too, he is determined to make this magazine a force to reckon with.

Harjeet Harkeet

Age: 42 years
Profession: Business
City: Pune

Only exclusive Suzuki superbikes dealer in India, helped launch Suzuki superbikes in country. Associated in making of Dhoom 1 & 2, and partner in DSG which is pioneer of riding safety apparel and accessories in India.


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