What started with thousands of passionate and committed motorcyclists from across the country submitting their profiles on-line to the Biker of the Year web portal culminated in the biking brotherhood crowning two of its brothers as the Biker of the Year 2011 and the runner's up for that title. Of the thousands who added their profiles on-line, post-screening, a select 195 of these were put up for public voting for 3 weeks. Of the high vote grossers, the choice was whittled down to the top 20 by a panel of xBhp judges. These select 20 again put up their video-profiles on-line for another round of voting and the top 6 were selected for the final round that was held today, on the 7th of August 2011, at the Big Wheels Motoring Café near Lonavla.

It was a momentous day that culminated with Andrew James and Jean Daniel being crowned the winner and runner-up respectively for the Biker of the ear 2011 title. The response that this maiden effort has evoked encourages us to make this a bigger and better event each coming year and for many more that will follow.

The six finalists made life really difficult for the jury, each one being as talented and unique as the next. And even though the judges did pick out 2 from the six, they were left with the universal feeling that the real choice would have been an amalgam of the qualities displayed by all six of them put together. The award ceremony was not the end of a momentous day but the beginning of a new epoch run that promises to encourage and inspire more and more hidden gems amongst the considerable motorcycling community in this country to come forward in the limelight and spread the message of positive and safe motorcycling as far and wide as the skies and earth lay spread out.

This page will be updated soon with lots of photos and videos, meanwhile you can have a look at the discussions going on xBhp.


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